How to construct a


Bullying Zone 


Hi! Welcome to your Anti-Bullying Web Page. Here, we want you to be creative and to be engaged with the activities that we are going to present to you so you can be an active member of your community. 

Our Mission: to create at the school of Colegio Gran Bretaña an atmosphere of peace and healthy coexistence through the prevention of bullying. 


In this section you will be able to enter any complains, doubts or comments you have about this web page. Additionally, if you have seen an act of bullying or you are being a victim of bullying you can denounce it through this mean. Remember, we are there for you 24/7. 


About Us

Who are we? We are 4 students of Universidad de la Sabana, Chia. We were asked to create a project that fomented social and civic competences using ICTs, and we decided to choose your school to implement our project on how to prevent bullying using ICTs to construct a healthy and peaceful lifestyle. 



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